Why buy stain blocking carpet and importance of reapplying stain blocker?

Stain Blocker Carpet

Do you have stain blocking and stain resistant carpets?


These are some of the best carpets you can purchase to retain your investment value.

Carpets are commonly made of plastic. We know that plastic is susceptible to staining, especially from oils and acids, wear and tear, as well as sun damage and fading.


With stain blocking carpets, all of these issues are  less likely to occur in your home or office.


What exactly does a stain blocker do?


To sum it up, stain blockers, such as Teflon or Scotchgard, repel stains and odors with a static charge. This prevents the offending material from penetrating deep into the carpet, allowing the stain to be removed. .

 What's the blog about?


There's a big misconception  that carpet cleaners are just trying to take your money with add-ons and unnecessary expensive services. The reality of the situation is, with stain resistant carpet, regular carpet or even inexpensive carpet laid in your home or office, stain blocker can help protect that investment.


Stain blocker rejects those high traffic stains, oils, acids and odors. The real problem comes when you have your carpets cleaned or clean the carpet yourself.


Hot steam extraction removes the majority of the stain blocker in your carpets, extracting it from the plastic fibers that make up your carpet and leaving it susceptible to permanent damage. 


 Is this really an upcharge?


In our opinion, no. Many carpet cleaning companies do not charge for applying stain blocker. . This enables them to make the cost look lower to entice you to buy their services. 


Don't you do the same thing?


No.. We don’t charge for stain blocker because we work with many real estate agents and people looking to sell their home. We understand that applying a stain blocker to carpet that's likely to be removed is a waste of resources and a waste of time and money, adding to an already expensive process.


Do you offer stain blocker? 


Absolutely! We suggest  it to every customer, though we don't push or attempt to sell it to our clients. We simply suggest and teach our clients about why it should be applied. We like to get to know and understand why the customer is having his carpets cleaned in the first place. Not every carpet or situation needs a stain blocker. 


If I do need it, how is it applied?


If you do need stain blocker to prevent sun damage, pet urine stains, odors, high traffic lines, coffee stained or for whatever reason ,  the best way to have it applied is by first properly  cleaning your carpets.  We lock to  ensure that all dry particulate is removed prior to a steam extraction. While the carpet is drying, stain blocker is then applied and raked or rolled into the carpet so that it coats every strand of every fiber. As the carpet dries, the stain blocker will properly adhere to the fibers.


 How exactly does stain blocker work? 


When a stain blocker is applied, it helps to repel and block stains, resists soiling, and keeps your carpet and upholstery looking newer  by preventing debris and chemicals from adhering to the fibers.


How often do I have to apply stain blocker?


Stain blockers typically last between 6 months to a year. , Thereafter, your carpet should be cleaned every 6 months to a year to prevent fiber damage.


Can I apply stain blocker myself?


Absolutely! Anybody can put down a stain blocker themselves. Just make sure your carpets are properly cleaned with no residue and no debris in them prior to application.  Be sure that a carpet rake is used to thoroughly work the stain blocker into the carpet fibers.


What if I don't use a stain blocker?


Depending on the location of the carpet, you may not notice any change or any benefit whatsoever. In other locations, you may get to watch the gradual change of your beautifully clean carpet turn into an oily stained mess.   At Renovair, we consult with our customers prior to ever suggesting stain blocker application.  

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