Why your carpets aren't clean after you have them professionally cleaned and why your paying way to much for it! 


Many carpet companies are promising in expensive "cleaning". Specials offer unrealistic "per room" costs. 



Let's talk about these bait and switch advertisements.


Typically, companies have a per room cost and that room is often 10x10. Even just one square foot over 10x10 means you're now paying double the advertised room cost/ Anything over 10x10 (100sqft) is now considered two spaces.


 If a company tells you $30 per room and your room happens to be 10X11 (110 sq ft), you're now paying $60 for that room. Assuming you like most and have furniture in your room you've now reduced the total amount of carpet that is to be cleaned by 80%+. Now you're paying even more for less!


Let's give you the benefit of the doubt and say If you have 60 sq ft of exposed carpet which I can assure you most don't have in a furnished room. You're paying $60 for about 60 sq ft to be cleaned or about $1/sq ft.


Great! You now know you're overpaying, but what else is there?

These companies are usually only offering steam extraction. The only thing that's offered is spraying hot water on your carpet. Hot water on your carpet does absolutely nothing other than remove topical debris and does nothing for the soil in your carpet fibers. 


If they do offer a pretreatment, these companies simply spray the chemical of who knows what ratio as a one size fits all chemical spray on top of your carpet and immediately remove it with hot water. 


Where's the issue you ask? 


For carpet to be properly cleaned, there are multiple steps:


1.) Dry soil removal

2.) Pretreatment

3.) Agitation

4.) Dwell time

5.) Steam extraction


98% of soil in dirty carpets is dry! Why even move to step 2 if you're not even going to remove the soil before you clean? Heck, why even clean if you're not going to do it correctly!

You and I know what can happen if you add water to soil! Congratulations! You just spent a minimum of $1 per sq ft to make mud in your carpet, making it harder to clean.  It is then helping to re-soil your carpet faster while making it more expensive to clean later. Worse, this mud is made from pollen, dirt, microbes, pollution, pet hair, dander, human skin cells and so much more! Yummy!


You're overpaying to make microbe infested mud in your carpet. 


What is the proper way to clean carpets? 


Call us at Renovair. Our process makes dry soil removal a priority!


Pretreatments are matched to properly neutralize and pH balance conditions in your carpet and to suspend remaining soil.


Agitation is added to the carpet to work chemicals deep, brushing every fiber and releasing stubborn soil.


All pretreatments are left to dwell for up to 20 minutes to ensure that full suspension of soil has taken place.  Pretreatment takes time to work as it encircles every molecule.


Steam extraction is used to remove and lift suspended soils, using an industry specific local high volume extractor. To further increase suction and removal of soil in your carpet, Renovair also uses a non-cavitation steam extraction wand that provides laminar suction. ask your carpet cleaner if they use this type of wand. if the don't, you don't want to use them! This process leaves no soil and minimal water behind.. This combination of a localized non-truck mount machine along with a top of the line extraction wand also decreases drying times to approximately 20 minutes.

During the drying process a deodorizer is applied to carpet to remove and help to prevent odors from returning ..

Don't even get us started on how much you're overpaying when it comes to pet spots, food or smoking odors!


Your best option is to call Renovair with carpet cleaning cost starting at just $30 per usable sq ft to fully clean your carpet.


We do suggest a scotch guard protectant to replace the scotch guard that was removed by steam extraction. It's your choice how dirty you want your carpets to remain after your next carpet cleaning!