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Anthony Nern

Anthony Nern has a degree in Business Management and Specialized Technologies. 

After receiving his degree, Anthony launched his career in green energy, later transitioning into recycling technologies. 

Anthony has almost two decades of successful sales experience, customer relations, and management.

He and his wife, Brooke Huffman, started a successful local company, developing and manufacturing commercial and industrial degreasers and detergents that quickly evolved into a community driven bath and body product company.   

For the last ten years, Anthony and Brooke, have assisted companies of all sizes, schools, real estate agents, home owners, property managers, fleets and dealerships in removing odors and pollutants. Their efforts have promoted the health and market values of real estate and auto fleets.

Anthony is an avid photographer, specializing in real estate photography, urban decay, rural abandonment, and historic preservation.


Brooke Huffman

Brooke Huffman earned her Bachelors of Science in Pathogenic Microbiology and Organic Chemistry.

Upon receiving her degree, Brooke turned her love of learning into her love of teaching. Expanding her education, Brooke furthered her studies and earned her teaching certificate. Brooke has spent over a decade working in early childhood education.

Brooke assisted her husband Anthony Nern in the manufacturing of green energy products.

She developed alternatives for the byproducts which grew into a co-ownership of a sustainably sourced, organic local community bath and body product company. 

Over the past decade, Brooke and her husband Anthony have been assisting businesses, schools, real estate agents and property managers in removing odors and disinfecting many types of properties, promoting healthy productive environments.



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