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Odor Control For Automobiles

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Rideshare/ Delivery

Keeping You and Your Customers Happy

Are you driving a ride share vehicle or making deliveries? If so, you may experience a wide range of malodors, including alcohol, aftershave, perfume, body odor, food and smoke. We've got you covered! Typically, in less than 30 minutes, Renovair can remove that compilation of bad odors that you have gotten used to which may offend your customers. Renovair can make your vehicle smell new again, thereby increasing your positive reviews and tips.

Dealership/ Rental / Lease

Make That Ride Smell Like New

New and used vehicles end up with some strange, if not foul smelling odors. Between test drives, leases and rentals, human caused odors permeate deep into the crevices, porous material in the seats in and behind the dash where bacteria will begin to grow. Nicotine and tar can also hide deep in the vehicle where it cannot be reached to be cleaned. Luckily, Renovair can help in less than 30 minutes. 


Keeping it Fresh

You, your employees or those renting your vehicles are driving in that vehicle all day. Lets face it, odors build up over time. The more the odor builds up, the less you notice it. This is not only causing fatigue to your sense of smell, but is likely making you or them sick. This can result in loss of work for you and your employees, loss of income and worse, loss of resale value for your vehicle or fleet.


Hold Onto that Value

Gone are the days of pine trees and vent clips to mask odors. Did you Just find that lunch container under your seat from a month ago? Did you leave your gym bag in the vehicle? Did you just get a great deal on a new car that just happens to smell like smoke? Did your fur baby bring a bit too much nature into your vehicle? Whether you're selling your car, buying a new car or taking pride in your current vehicle. Renovair has a solution!

Our Services 

What We Offer!

Renovair's IICRC professionals have an extensive catalog of techniques to help you achieve a healthy odor free environment.

Activated Oxygen

Activated oxygen is comprised of very reactive oxygen molecules that are extremely effective for removing odors and their source as well as killing mold, mildew, bacteria, fungi, microbes and viruses.

Starting at $55

(Discounts available for multiple vehicles)

All Natural Dry Vapor

All natural essential oils are vaporized into the air surrounding odor causing molecules helping to destroy odors at their source, without the need for synthetic chemicals or leaving behind toxic residues.  A perfect solution for your home or vehicle.

Starting at $55

(Discounts available for multiple vehicles)

Thermal & Enzymatic  Diffusing Treatments

Treatments drive particles deep inside tiny cracks, crevices and pores of even the hardest of surfaces, surrounding and breaking down the odors. 


(Included with oxygen treatment)

Pam & Joel Kauffman
We had Renovair treat both our personal vehicle and a company vehicle all I can say is WOW! Not only is it great to have our vehicles disinfected but they also smell like new! We will definitely be using Renovair again in the future!
5 / 5 stars

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