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Cleaning enhances the appearance of one of the largest surfaces in your home or office while extending its investment life. Moreover, it enhances the well-being, health, comfort and productivity of those in that space. The hot extraction process removes contaminants, pollutants and undesired substances deep within the carpet to reduce damage to carpets and human health while maintaining the value of your investment.

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Per Room =$35


Per Hallway = $25


Per Stair = $4

Is your pet leaking?

No problem.

Our furry friends have accidents, it happens to the best of us! Renovair's innovative Crystal Neutralizing Urine Treatment will end your pet stain problems, and make that room you've been avoiding, refreshed again! 

Carpet Cleaning with Urine Neutralization

Per Room = $60


Per Hallway = $35


Per Stair = $5

(Square Footage Restrictions May Apply. Heavily Soiled Areas May Be Additional. Protectant Available for an Additional Charge)

Free Odor Defense Carpet Treatment 

Included in every carpet cleaning.

Choose Your Post Carpet Cleaning Odor Treatment:

  • Pets 
  • Urine
  • Cooking 
  • Mildew / Musk 
  • Smoke / Cannabis
  • Neutral preventative

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What Does Your Carpet Cleaner Offer?

Renovair Odor Removal's Value


per room standard cleaning

!!Warning: Scientific Stuff Below!!


1. Free on Site Estimate

2. In Depth Testing (Provides Critical information for Cleaning)

  • Black Light (Chemical & bodily fluid detection)
  • Microscopic Fiber Imaging (Fiber quality| Depth of stain |Condition of backing | Inspection of dye sites | Current stain blocking ability)
  • Digital pH Analysis (Identify type of stain to select proper chemical and ratio for proper soil and spot neutralization)
  • Specific Gravity (Specific density of carpet | All carpets are not created equal)
  • Thermal Oxidization (Identification of fiber type(s))
  • Moisture (Age of stain(s) and humectant properties) 
  • IAQ (Ensuring proper steps are taken to Improve the Indoor Air Quality your home or office as carpet is typically the largest filter in any given space)
    • VOC
    • Particulate
    • Aldehyde

3. Digital Laser Measuring (Extremely accurate measurements so you don't pay any more than you have to)

4. Soil Agitation and Fiber Detangling

5. Industrial Vacuuming to Remove Dry Soils

6. Individualized Pre-spray Made Just For Your Carpet and Soil Type

7. Post Pre-spray Agitation and Individual Fiber Scrubbing

8. Dwell Time 

9. Multi-pass Steam Extraction With Chemical Release Neutralizer

10. Odor Defense Carpet Treatment

11. Before and After Pictures



Optional Services:


  • Spot treatment
  • Urine conditioner
  • Carpet protectant
  • Deep soil extraction
  • Low moisture cleaning
  • Single room odor control
  • Green Certified Carpet Cleaning
  • Whole House / Office odor control
  • High traffic and extreme soil extraction 

Know What Sets Us Apart

We're more than carpet cleaners, we're carpet scientists.



To properly clean carpets testing is required.  A broad range of tests determines the type of carpet and proper cleaning requirements of your individual carpets need. Testing also provides a complete picture of the current overall state of your carpet allowing Renovair to restore your carpets to the best state possible after cleaning and helping to improve indoor air quality.

Dry Soil Removal

Dry Soil makes up 79% of all contaminant found in carpet. A specialized groomer is used to untangle and remove matting while separating the yarns and releasing buried soils while improving air flow between fibers. Dry soils are then removed with a powerful commercial HEPA vacuum. Making several passes to ensure through removal of contaminates. 


Using results obtained from testing an individual formulation is blended and applied to the carpet. The same carpet groomer used in the dry soil removal is then used to brush the formula into every carpet fiber. The carpet is left to dwell for up to a half hour. During this time soils not removed during the dry soil removal step are now suspended from the fibers. 


Once soil had been suspended it must physically be removed from the carpet. Using a localized extractor high temperature water is used to rinse suspended soils from individual carpet fibers using a innovative non-cavitating wand which prevents dirty water from simply being pushed around. Multiple rinse and dry passes ensure your carpet will be residue and odor free

Clean Air is Priceless

Breath Easy

Almost all of us have fur babies at home. We love our four legged companions. We don't love the stains and odors that come from them. Sure you can clean the spots where accidents happen, but every 12-18 months your carpets still need to be cleaned by a professional to protect your investment. Let's not forget that carpets are the largest filter in any space, which also means they are the largest cause of odors, particulate and air pollution in that same space. Which directly affects your homes IAQ (Indoor Air Quality).

Quality Over Quantity

Better Results

You shop locally, you dine at local eateries, you enjoy craft brews and you support your local establishments and you contribute to your local community. You appreciate quality over quantity. Now ask yourself why are you using a big box carpet cleaning outfit to clean where you, your family, your friends, your employees and your kids (2 legs or 4) relax, work and play?

Why Choose Renovair?

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We've been keeping up to date on all of the latest techniques and guidelines to clean and sanitize your home and business helping keep you, your family, your pets and your employees safe and healthy. 


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