It's that time again. Family and friends are coming together, candles are lit, sweet and savory aromas fill the air, and fires burn to create ambiance and warmth.


We have wonderful conversations, and sometimes, awful moments.


What happens after the food is eaten, the bottles are empty and the house is back to you with the leftovers?


All the aromas that once filled your home to create the memories now begin to slowly turn into unpleasant odors. The stains on the carpets begin to stand out and the air that was once filled with warmth now feels stale and stuffy. 


Since we are still in for the coldest months ahead, opening doors and windows is likely not the best decision, nor is spending time on your hands and knees scrubbing stains out of your carpets. 


You could rent a big bullet machine from your supermarket to try to clean your floors, but that only leaves residue in your carpets which causes it to soil faster next time. 


You could run fans or the HVAC, but that only circulates the same stale air while now placing more debris and residue into your ductwork. 


Take a moment to think about how a commercial facility which has massive gatherings of all ages, ,who have consumed ( and spilled)  food and beverages.


I'm here to let you in on a secret. Renovair can restore  the premises after the gathering has ended;  it will  look like the event  never  happened. 


Do you ever wonder why you haven't heard about us at Renovair until now? 


We work evenings and weekends to facilitate our clients’ needs. Our goal is to leave your home, office or listing as if we never stepped foot in it. We pretend that all the magic is yours. We won't be upset if you take the credit. You did the hard part by contacting us at Renovair. We just cleaned the air and floors.


What's this have to do with your home and its odors and stains?


We at Renoviar also help clients in their homes prepare for and recover from their get-togethers. Renovair offers the same night and weekend schedule, as well as the same customized professional services as commercial facilities to get your home or office ready for guests and back to normal just as quickly.


Do you want to know the best part? Services start at just $75 and you don't even have to be there! This means you get to take the money you saved, treat yourself  to a meal, and avoid  scrubbing the floor . When you return, the job is finished without any sign that we were there.


Happy Holidays everyone!